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What Sets Us Apart?

Best Deals First


Powerful Data Analytics

Our search is powered by complex mathematical algorithms built over many years. These algorithms analyze data on millions of car listings every day, accounting for factors like:

    Trim & options
    Accident history
    Certified pre-owned (Approved Used) status
    Dealer reputation:We use dealer reputation as a ranking factor based on thousands of verified dealership reviews from our shoppers.

Over 200K Listings

That’s more than you’ll find on most major online automotive marketplaces in the Ireland.

Information Transparency

See hard-to-find data right up front, like if a car’s been in an accident, had a price drop, or been sitting on the lot.

Automotive Expertise

Consult expert car reviews and buying guidance from our team of test-drive pros, or connect with other experts in our question-and-answer forum.

Consumer-First Mentality

We focus on building the most transparent, trustworthy experience for our users, and we’ve proven that works for dealers, too. It’s why we have an active network of over 2,000 dealers, and more listings on our site than any other major online automotive marketplace in Ireland.

Non-Stop Innovation

Our engineering and product teams are constantly developing new features and products that make the process of buying and selling a car simpler.

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